Monitor all your startup's bank accounts in one place

Yucca gives founders real-time, full visibility of their startup's cash balances and spend across all their bank accounts and currencies.

Setup in 5 minutes or less. No credit card required.

Trusted by top startups

Trusted by top startups

All of your startup's
finances in one place

Complete visibility of your startup's finances across all your banks, legal entities and currencies. No need to login to every bank every day.

metrics updated
in real-time

Get the numbers founders care about when you need them, not when your accountant gets back from holidays.

Month-end review
in minutes, not days

Complete your monthly financial review and budgeting in minutes with auto-calculated metrics and AI-powered spend insights.

Founders ❤️ Yucca

"Yucca makes it extremely easy for me to do our monthly financial reviews and budgeting. It saves us tons of time and I love the UX across the board."

Oleg Giberstein

Co-founder @ Coinrule (YC S21)

"The fact that I now have oversight of the entire company's finances gives me leverage on my time and a greater level of control which is a game changer for me."

Mahyad G

Founder & CEO @ SigmaOS (YC S21)

"We have multiple currency accounts that were a real headache to keep track of. Yucca has streamlined our financial operations and saved us countless hours."

Mark Datta

Founder & CEO @ Tab (YC W15)

"Yucca removes the need to manually reconcile spend across 5 different accounts in two countries. This lets me spend more time focussing in the business, rather than on it."

Phil Daneshyar

Founder & CEO @ Kanda (YC W21)

How it works

How it works

1) Securely connect to your bank accounts

We support 10,000+ banks across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe, amd we're always adding more.

2) Yucca calculates your metrics

Metrics like total cash, runway, burn rate and categorised spend in less than 5 minutes.

3) Get back to building your company

No more wrestling with bank logins and spreadsheets. Get back to building a great product.

More building, less admin

More building, less admin

Automated reporting

Powerful built-in reporting, tailored for founders. No setup required.

AI-powered insights

Standardised spend categorisation, and auto-tagging of inter-company transactions.

Smart adjustments

No need to tag intercompany transfers or adjust your burn for one-off costs.

Excel-friendly exports

Save hours per week with Excel formatted exports for monthly review and budgeting.

Security & Privacy

Your data is safe with Yucca, and we'll never sell your data to advertisers.

Premium support

Email and live chat support. Available whenever you need it.



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Limited time - save 45%

5 x Users

Unlimited Bank Accounts

AI-powered Spend Categorisation

Live chat and Email Support

No credit card required.

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